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Our health food bar, fi•ka, offers smoothies, snacks, light meals, pressed juices and more. It is open by pre-booking for groups on weekends. Fika will contact you. 

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A non-refundable booking fee will apply to all workshops to cover the time and energy invested by our staff in setting up the event on the booking system, liaising with the facilitator and providing necessary support and advice. This will also serve as a cancellation fee, should your event be cancelled. 


Booking Fees

R450 for a half day workshop (2-3 hrs) 

R750 for a full day workshop (4 or more hours)

R950 for a full weekend workshop (2 days)

R950 for each multi-class course

These fees now include a R150 social media publicity charge. 

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Events/Workshops are generally booked and paid through The Space Between’s booking system. Each student wishing to attend the workshop will need to sign up, book and pay in advance on our system. 

Workshop Assistant

Visiting facilitators, who are not contracted teachers at The Space Between, are required to make use of a Workshop Assistant. This is one of The Space Between’s staff or teachers, who will help with enquiries, assistance with bookings, taking payments and some publicity. This will be offered in exchange for a free space at your workshop.

Booking and Venue Rental Fees

A non-refundable administrative booking fee relevant to the length of the event/workshop is required to start the booking process. This includes R150 social media publicity charge per event. Furthermore, The Space Between requests a studio rental fee of 30% of the total workshop earnings in exchange for hire of the room and facilities. Any additional equipment e.g. chairs, video projector, speakers is at your own cost. 


Booking process and payment process:

  1. Once your completed booking form and booking fee has been received, we will load all details onto our booking system. We will inform you as soon as your event is live on our system and will send you the link to the event for use in your publicity. Clients can then book using the link or on our app or website under the Events heading. 


Please allow at least 1 week from your workshop details submission date for the information to be loaded onto our booking system. Please wait for us to confirm that your event has been loaded onto the system before starting your advertising. If we need to request any additional information from you, this may slow down the process. 

  1. After your event/workshop is complete, within 14 days, the Space Between will email you, the facilitator, a statement of your total income, detailing the 30% studio rental fee. You are required to invoice TSB for the full amount received on your behalf. You will receive a studio rental invoice of the 30% for your records. This will be deducted from the total amount received and the balance paid to you.


Client cancellation policy for events/workshops

We suggest a 48-hour student cancellation policy for all workshops / events. This will be written in the booking terms and conditions. If the facilitator wishes to have a different cancellation policy, please inform us on your form so we can change this for your event, 

The Space Between will not be responsible for refunds. If a client has already paid and then cancels more than 48 hours before the event, they will not be removed from the event, but instead, the facilitator will need to refund this client after being paid for the workshop by TSB. If the client cancels less than 48 hours before the event, they are not refunded. All booked and paid clients will be included in the facilitator’s payout and will have the 30% rental fee deducted from their payment

The same will apply if the facilitator cancels the event and some students have already booked and paid.

Workshop cancellation

If no clients or too few have signed up close to the workshop date or if the facilitator is ill and decides or needs to cancel the workshop, your booking fee serves as the cancellation fee. Any students that have paid should be refunded by the facilitator.  The facilitator must still invoice TSB for the full amount of funds received for the event and the agreed 30% will be deducted.  The facilitator will have to re-apply for the next available date to run another workshop.  


As we have a food facility on site in the form of fi•ka health food bar, facilitators are not permitted to provide their own food or drinks to students. Catering can be arranged in advance with fi•ka if the facilitator wishes to include food in their event.  Students can pre-order online or pay fi•ka directly on the day. 

Social media publicity

Your booking fee covers the following publicity from The Space Between for your event:

  • One Facebook and Instagram post. This will be also be shared to three local Facebook community groups.

  • Your flyer will be shared in our story.

  • We will share any additional publicity you have created, like a reel, on our platforms (if the aesthetics and message conform with our branding and standards).


Please do not rely on us to publicise your event and ensure you advertise widely through your own as well as Garden Route networks. We are happy to offer advice and pointers if you need them. 


Studio care and maintenance

If any part of the studio, equipment or fittings are soiled or damaged during the workshop, repairs and/or cleaning will be charged to the workshop facilitator’s account. 


A substance-free space

In order to preserve the wonderful atmosphere and abundant natural energy at The Space Between, no alcohol, tobacco or any mind-altering substances (natural or chemical) may be consumed on the property.


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