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Host With Us

Would you like to host a public event, workshop or retreat at The Space Between?


We have put aside weekends to make this time available for a diverse range of events. On Saturdays and Sundays, the Sun Studio is usually available from 10am. During the week, availability varies. 

 The Sun Studio is 135㎡ and can accommodate 30 people on mats and more in a seated setup. The studio has beams and rigging suitable for 8 students practising Aerial Yoga and similar aerial activities.

Upon submitting the relevant forms, event and retreat hosts will be invoiced for a booking fee to cover administration involved in setting up your event, including a social media charge so we can design a post for you. Studio rental is generally 30% of your workshop income and is deducted after the event. In the case of retreats and longer training courses, a deposit will be required to secure the dates.

​Please complete this application as an initial enquiry for a possible event/workshop.

An event/workshop must be booked and will be confirmed, following our formal booking process, a minimum of 6 weeks before the workshop start date. 

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Rent The Studio

Would you like to book the studio for your private event, photo or film shoot? This applies to events that are not open to the public, where no tickets are sold. 

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