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A novice’s experience of Kundalini YogaBy William Steed

Generally, when we hear the word ‘yoga’, we instantly picture unbelievably flexible individuals that can somehow wrap themselves into incredible postures, which make you gasp just looking at them. Understandably, this vision can be a little unwelcoming for any potential newcomer.

If you are anything like me, then you’ve been harbouring the best intentions to one day start a yoga practice that will feed the body and transform the mind. The problem is, every time you make the move, those pictures come flooding back and when you can’t even touch your toes, you just put it off until the next month!

Enter Kundalini Yoga – this is something quite different—and I can tell you that with some certainty, as I have been attending this class for the past 6 – 8 weeks.

Kundalini Yoga is a an eclectic mix of repetitive motion, breathing exercises and relaxation, beautifully woven into 60 or 90-minute music-rich sessions by Tina Hopff, that leave you feeling rejuvenated and quite possibly buzzing. Given the fact that the combination of the above has the ability to send you into altered states—get ready to experience heat, colours and surging emotion.

Before Tina turned to Kundalini Yoga she was an avid hatha yoga practitioner with over 20 years of experience. In 2015 she trained at Mother Ashram of Yogi Bhajan in Española, New Mexico, qualifying to become a KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

My recommendation is to come with an open mind, ready to sweat a bit and be challenged by a few exercises that will test your tenacity and resolve. Each exercise is like its own meditation; the journey is inward and anyone can do it—no flexibility required. Fittingly, most of the class is practiced with closed eyes, so you don’t need to worry how you look—all inhibitions can float away and you can go deeper into the movements.

Kundalini Yoga is focused on moving energies within the body. Without going into too much depth, it is set to wake up dormant energies that for most people don’t play a role in their day to day lives. This is something that should happen slowly, from class to class and in the confident hands of Tina, I can confirm that it’s all positive so far!

I am even tempted to go and try a more traditional type yoga class now as well!


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