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LOOK fit or BE fit? - Nicole Painter

Are looking fit and being fit the same thing?

Does your fitness program prepare you for practical and real world activities?

I like to think of MovNat as fitness without the bling. We are subjected to a plethora of programs and concepts – why not put those aside and get back to basics.

Start moving the way your body was designed and begin to explore your full range of motion and agility in a safe and progressive environment. We have lost sight of the importance of natural movement, skills such as balancing, jumping or climbing—and I can assure you, crawling is more difficult that you think!

We are constantly distracted. We download apps to remind and reteach us the rare skill of mindfulness. Both your body and mind must be present while MovNat’ting because there is a practical task at hand.

MovNat differs from conventional exercise for three main reasons: It is based on real movements, not muscle isolation. It is practical in nature—jumping over an obstacle or balancing on a bar, plus the movements are adaptable.

So what is being fit? For me, it is moving well. The ability to perform daily tasks, sports and any form of movement, easily and, most importantly, pain-free.

From my experience, not only will you have a good chuckle and a momentary brain freeze, but you’ll also start looking for ways to ‘play’ more in nature – a priceless experience.


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