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Sarah Lock - Massage Therapist

During my 8 years in New Zealand I completed a degree in Therapeutic and Sports Massage, 2013. After making a big move here to South Africa while 4 months pregnant, we rooted ourselves and young family on a stunning farm, situated opposite The Space Between.

Watching The Space Between establish and grow I knew this was the place for me to continue my journey with massage therapy. With the beautiful building itself and its location 100m from the sea, there is nowhere else I would rather be!

Something special was emerging.

Being an avid trail runner I am regularly running around the cliffs surrounding The Space and training for up coming races. This year I completed the Knysna forest marathon, a first of many to come, and 21km trail race by Muddy Foot adventures in Nature’s Valley. I’m eagerly awaiting any obstacle course races to resume after the lockdown as this was my latest challenge after coming 2nd in the 5km D4G obstacle race in the Klein Karoo. There is no better feeling for me than running and jumping my way through a forest or the edge of the land surrounded by ocean. Next year must be my time for the Otter!

Growing up I was a competitive gymnast and trampolinist into my teen years, with the last 15 years running and mountain biking, so I can relate to active people on my table who need help with maintaining and looking after their bodies. I have felt a lot of aches, pains and weaknesses within my own body to appreciate what they might be going through.

I have always had a strong passion for natural health and healing, especially through food and exercise. This is what brought me to massage therapy, a way in which I can help people gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. When I am in training for a race I make it part of my schedule to go for a massage at least once every two weeks for maintenance and to aid recovery of my heavily worked muscles.

Hopefully, we will see some of you up at The Space Between in the future – maybe we can help some of you prepare for your next race!

Looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah Lock


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