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The Artistry of Being a Dancer By Lynda Moss

As I gaze at the cosmic stars, I think that being a dancer is moving with artistry in time through forms of space while having one’s ear in tune with nature’s rhythms.

Movement is the aspect of a human being that demonstrates being actively alive. Movement is the rhythm of our hearts pumping blood throughout our rhythmic systems as we go about our daily doings and being. Being in tune with ourselves and our surrounding environment. We are the dancers of our own beings. The rhythms of dance become intrinsic in our being and, repeated in our daily routines, bring a sense of certainty into each day. Being a dancer of life doesn’t necessarily require years of dance training nor does it mean being precise or exact in movement, but it does mean that routines are repeated consistently as a practice in the same way as a student practices a martial art form. These repetitions build within the human being a capacity for strengthening our inner rhythmical systems and they balance the body in a harmonious flow along with the artistry of musical accompaniment. As dancers, we are connected with what surrounds us, but also rise above the material with elevation and flight as the very stars that I gaze upon in contemplation. The dancer is in fluid motion as the waters upon the Earth, resembles the movement of air, ignites fire within to create beauty, is the substance of clay in formation. The dancer and the dance cannot be separated even in sleep, since there the heart creates the cosmic rhythm, while the rising and falling of the breath brings motion to the living vessel that in rest recognizes the fundamental natural laws controlling all movement in the universe. Thus, the dancer’s dance is not randomly selected but carefully choreographed, aligned with the beauty of the cosmos.


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