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NIA is like New Age Jane Fonda By Lizl Pretorius

Updated: May 9

You may find yourself thinking: ‘the time to move my body in a different way is now.’

Be it a belated new year’s resolution, an interesting Instagram reel that struck a chord, or just a friend saying, ‘Come try a Nia class with me this weekend—no shoes needed—I promise you’ll like it.’

Nia is not new to the wellness industry and in fact celebrated its 40th year of existence in 2023, BUT it may be an entirely new body experience for you.

New, but not so unfamiliar, because most people recognise some of the actions incorporated into a 1- hour Nia class. Indeed, there are familiar moves that you may have practised in any fitness or dance modalities throughout your lifespan.

Yet when asked, I once overheard a student explain to another after class:

‘Nia is like new age Jane Fonda.’

Like any teacher passionate about their craft, I sort-of cringed and thought, ‘Uh definitely not Jane Fonda!’, but as the day passed, my thoughts pondered on Nia; I came to appreciate, that actually, yes!—it is a lot like a revival of aerobics and dance (yet without the bounce and pain.)

And if, by using the words New Age, we consider the spiritual awakening experienced throughout the earth at present and incorporate this awakening into a movement class, connecting mind, body and soul...

Add a bit of energizing martial arts (just enough to make you feel invigorated), then in essence you have the idea of 1-hour Nia Movement Class.

Done to music, wearing any clothing that makes you feel good and free to express yourself, Nia definitely has its own niche in the wellness industry. Many people attest to its health benefits— it proudly bears the CANSA seal of recognition for a holistic workout. And once you feel and experience the joy of this movement art, something magical happens in the brain, resonating a profound: ‘Yes! This is what I have been looking for as a practice to start moving (and keep moving) my body in new ways.’

If new to you, the Nia way is:



Actions compiled thoughtfully into fun combinations of 52 scientifically-developed moves.

More about the 52 moves of Nia in another post. Today I would like to encourage you to make the first move toward trying something new—your body will absolutely thank you for it. Join me in class on alternate Saturdays at The Space Between.


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