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The Space Between is a unique destination, realised from a shared vision

A place of sanctuary.

A playground for the senses.

A source of inspiration.

A blank canvas on which to create...

The embryo of a growing community

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“the pause at the end of the exhalation and the pause at the end of the inhalation

is a special place

where nothing happens or nothing seems to happen

yet the old air is travelling away from us

and the new breath is ready to move in

in that space in between

there is silence

more than anything else silence … and space”
Sandra Sabatini

Where the magic happens…

“Breathe, movement will come.Move, stillness will arrive. Melt, form will evolve.
Be, the door will open.”


Designed and built by a small dedicated team on a wild and ancient coastline, The Space Between overlooks the Indian Ocean, set against the backdrop of the Tsitsikamma Mountains, and incorporates two studios. Encased in glass and wood, the 135㎡ Sun Studio breathes in a 180-degree view, providing space for movement, learning, connection and the sharing of wisdom. The elegant 15.75㎡ Moon Room is the domain of various healing therapies, small classes and private lessons.

The whole building is wheelchair accessible.

Tucked into the corner, and spilling out onto the deck, is the fresh and vibrant Fi•ka Health & Food Bar, where visitors can enjoy healthy food gluten free and vegan or sip nourishing smoothies while looking out for distant whales.

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At The Space Between, we invite you to play with possibilities. Our selection of classes encompasses different styles and modalities to dip into and sample at leisure.


From the uplifting chants and breathwork of Kundalini Yoga to the control, strength and endurance of Pilates;


From the expressive freedom of dance to the fun-filled challenge and supported release of Aerial Yoga and more…the possibilities are endless.


Melt into blissful serenity and ease aches and pains as you experience a therapeutic treatment of your choice. From sports massage for the athletes, to gentle therapeutic massage for all, sink into the passive stretches of Thai Massage, find your balance through Alignment Therapy or treat your feet with reflexology.

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Weekly Class Schedule